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"I passed the written and the physical tests for ATS last week and I also passed the written and physical tests for Peel Regional Police this past Tuesday. Peel was harder than ATS however, I pulled off a 1.5 mile run in 11:17 (a good time for me) and gained 2 bonus points on my bench press at 270lbs. This workout strategy and diet is awesome!
Thanks again."


"I started working out under Peterís guidance in late April, 2004. In a few months I had lost weight and had gained more strength, stamina and overall fitness. I have dropped from the 181lb range to 165lb, my weight before growing love handles. I have dropped from a 35-36 waist size to 32. The combination of diet change and workout regimen has made a huge difference to me and I feel so much better every day. My body fat percentage has dropped from the 23% range to 18%. I am a skier and I found on a recent trip to Whistler this January that I skied much better, could do more repetitions of black diamond bowls, and had more stamina than one year prior. On a personal level, I have a good rapport with Peter and I find him to be understanding of varying circumstances and he is always ready with an alternate routine if a change is necessary for some reason. If you are sincere and make the honest effort, you will benefit in many ways and Peter will be there to support you as well."
--Gregg Andrews


"Ramsden Fitness Training is a crucial part of my training program in preparation for the Olympic trials in swimming. Not only does Peter Ramsden design a strength program specific for my sport, but ensures that I am in the best all-round shape for the stroke events that I swim. He is extremely motivated and focused on helping me to attain the goals I have set for myself."
--Julia Pomeroy (swimmer, Oakville Aquatic Club)


"I've seen and felt a tremendous difference since I started with Peter. I have more muscle mass, am stronger, leaner. I no longer suffer with back pain, it's the best it has been in 20 years."


"Having reached my mid forties, I have become increasingly more aware of my own health. Peter has helped me take active steps toward strengthening and toning my body. I feel more energised and happier with my new shape. No more jiggle!"


"Thank you so much, Peter. Your strength training method helped me immensly. I was stronger, quicker, and could last longer than all my opponents. I would recommend your strength training methods to anyone and everyone. It works. I was worried about having to fight some of the bigger men because my normal fight weight is 135-138lbs.

"I needed to gain strength and mass which would give me an edge. In a three week period of your training method I gained 10lbs solid. I was more cut than I have ever been in my entire life.

"Everyone was commenting about how 'ripped I looked'.  I was not only stronger physically but  mentally I felt stronger and quicker.  Between rounds and after every match I had I didn't feel tired or drained. I could have gone on for many more rounds. That is the greatest feeling when you know your opponent is dead tired and you still feel like you are just warming up.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you."

--Mark Simon, Canadian Jiu Jitsu Team member and gold medal winner.


I love the way Peter customises my workouts for Cheerleading. He gives me a lot of variety in my programs and I never get bored. In three months I lost 3% body fat. I'm thrilled.

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