Team Training

Martial Arts
Team members, under his guidance for strength and explosive speed training, now have a taste for what is required to make a good martial artist a world competitor.

Swim Teams
There are presently many top-level swimmers that have come to Ramsden Training for dry-land conditioning. Adding strength and power training to their normal workouts in the water has shaved precious time from their present records.

Women’s Champion
Commitment to conditioning, nutrition and skills development is necessary to achieve high level results at the international level.

Hockey and Soccer Teams
Develop explosive speed and conditioning for your team. Watch your team member's confidence grow and your position in the league standings change as your players train in sport specific and high performance exercises.

Other Teams
Functional training with Peter is designed specifically to enhance your sport. Training loads and frequency are tailored to the specific demands of your activity enhancing individual performance.

Mark Simon at World Jiu Jitsu Championships

Julia Pomeroy in weight room
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