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Training for grip strength with a kettlebell Performing a windmill with a kettlebell

Ramsden Training will provide specialized training in Russian kettlebells for explosive strength, stamina, core strength, and stability.

The same kettlebell training used by Russian special forces to give them the "edge" in combat.

The beginning of a renegade row In mid-row


Kettlebells are a traditional cast iron weight resembling a cannonball with a handle that is used for total body strength and conditioning. First used in the early 1700's by Russian strong men and weightlifters, it develops muscular strength and dynamic, explosive speed-strength.

Swinging for core strength Turkish getup

Power is generated by swinging the kettlebell, placing dynamic forces on legs and hips, providing better running, jumping, and directional changes as used in martial arts or sports. In Russia, rotator cuff problems are virtually unheard of as a strong shoulder girdle and shoulder flexibility is the mainstay  of the training process.

Clean and ... ... press

Develop exceptional grip and core strength, iron forearms and a back that will put most traditionally trained gym rats to shame.

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An alarming increase in the number of assaults on females has drawn attention from police and politicians alike. Assaults are becoming more aggressive with a higher likelihood that a weapon of some description will be used.

  Unfortunately, the female gender due to inherent differences in stature is at a physical disadvantage when being confronted by an assailant. Protecting yourself is a right.

  Learn tried and true self-defense techniques designed specifically for females.

The techniques are simple and easy to apply.

Educate yourself in avoidance and awareness skills.

Take home with you; confidence and self-esteem.

 Participants from Halton Women’s Place have this to say about the course:

 “ ... very useful, I feel more secure, thank you.”

 “I would definitely recommend this course to others.”   

 “... it taught me to be more aware of my surroundings”

 “Very informative, relaxed and non-threatening”

 “I think the course would be beneficial to all women”

 “The techniques were easy to learn, you do not have to have a background in martial arts to learn them”

 “... it showed me that something as simple as a magazine could be used to protect me”

 If you wish to be included in the next seminar, contact Peter Ramsden. We welcome enquiries from women’s groups and clubs.





Ramsden Training will also provide specialised strength and conditioning training for climbing, high angle rope access, and rope rescue. Working closely with world-leading experts in the field of rope access and climbing, we can provide customized excursions to build your corporate teams.

Peter on a training climb
Ivan Kristoff training with Peter one on one
Ivan Kristoff and Peter hanging around (aprox.350 ft. above 401)
Article on high-rise rescue team

Ivan descending from helicopter

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