Advanced Lawful Subject control course
Paragon Protection Ltd., Canada's largest independent security company located in Ontario, recently contracted  Ramsden Training to provide an Advanced Defensive Tactics Course for its high profile retail site; Vaughan Mills Mall. "Paragon has now raised the bar as far as security officer training goes."
The course material provides the security officer with a new understanding of defensive tactics when confronted with today's aggressors. Simple, easy to learn techniques such as controlling uncooperative subjects, to weapon (flashlight/radio) retention and bladed weapon defences are the cornerstone of the course. 
This is not a classroom course but a practical hands-on course that is easily taught in five to six hours. 

Here are some comments from course participants:
"Excellent use of takedowns in situations that may appear on the job."
"It gives me knowledge and courage to handle situations."
"Very well instructed."
"I would recommend this course to others in my profession."
"Disarming techniques are particularly useful."
The advanced defensive tactics course is intended for security company's wishing to offer their security teams a higher level skill-set training opportunity.
Today's public arena is experiencing an increased number of aggressive confrontations that often result in assaults on s/o's. Blades are becoming more common place in these assaults leaving the s/o vulnerable or too scared to focus on the job at hand. This course will help provide your clients with continued confidence in your security teams and show a higher level of professionalism by raising the bar.



Baton and Handcuffing

Peter Ramsden is a certified national tactical baton and handcuffing
instructor through Armament Protection Systems (ASP). The ASP tactical baton
is the dominant intermediate force impact weapon in the law enforcement
community. ASP training is the most widely utilized baton programme in the
world. The effectiveness of the ASP system is proven each day on the street,
"protecting those who protect".

Courses are available to law and security services only.


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