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The Black Arts Society’s Police Tactical Training system enhances the skills already possessed by Law Enforcement Officers, Special Constables and Security personnel. Easily taught to law enforcement and police foundations students.

Control potentially dangerous situations with practical, easy to learn techniques developed to enhance your present skills.

This system is taught in a workshop seminar format. Hands-on application for effective learning and retention.
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Controlling for hand cuffing

Weapon retention
Pressure point strike
Cuffing and controlling bad guy

Breaking up a quarrell
Leaving no bruises
Controlling the situation




Ontario Police Fitness Training


The Ontario Police Fitness Award (OPFA) is a provincial incentive program developed to motivate Ontario police officers and police service employees to remain physically fit throughout their entire careers. The policing services division of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and the Ontario Chiefs of Police sanctions the OPFA program.  The OPFA program is designed and implemented by the Police Fitness Personnel of Ontario (PFPO). 

The accredited appraisers’ course is held at the Ontario Police College and participants are trained in:

·        The Canadian Physical Activity Fitness and Lifestyle Approach (CPAFLA)

·        The Ontario Police Fitness Award

·        Due Diligence when Maximal Effort Testing

In the policing profession, physical skills and abilities are important job prerequisites. Today, an applicant is required to successfully complete a PREP test or Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police, then again during Basic Constable training at the Ontario Police College. Once the recruit has returned to his or her respective police service, responsibility for individual and continuing fitness belongs to them.

As an accredited OPFA and PREP appraiser, Peter Ramsden can provide more information on the required standards for testing and training.

Contact Peter at peter@ramsdentraining.com


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