General Nutrition

There is a lot of miss-information regarding nutrition. Obesity and type 2 diabetes is still on the rise and is now at epidemic proportions.

Managing macro-nutrients is extremely important when managing weight control and muscle mass. It seems that whenever the government changes these parameters, things get worse. We have been misled for decades. If you have bought into the generally accepted eating plan as many Canadians have, then you are likely carrying too much body fat. Let's change that.

Nutrition for Mass

For someone trying to gain lean muscle mass, the correct approach is critical in order that you do not unintentionally gain body fat at the same time. Ingestion of protein is of course vital for anyone wishing to gain mass, but just taking more protein and increasing your time at the gym will not guarantee that you will get big.

We take a more scientific approach to mass gain. Proven training methodology and sound nutrition based on your body type will get you results.

Nutrition for Endurance

Running a marathon? Trying out for that triathlon you always wanted to do? Your body requires different fuel.

Your carbohydrate, fat and protein requirements will be different than those who are body building. There is no magic behind this approach to nutrition for distance athletes, just tried and true practices that will keep the body performing right to the very end when you need it to the most... breaking through the tape!

Ramsden Training athletes are educated in correct eating habits and supplementation.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is a billion-dollar industry. Why? Because fad diets don't work. They keep you coming back for more...tapes, books, videos, magazines, and nutritional "magic pills".
Can you lose weight (body fat) whilst keeping muscle mass? Yes
Can you lose body fat and keep it off? Yes


Supplements can be very expensive and they are poorly understood. Many people fall prey to the magazine and internet pictures that are often photo shopped depicting the lean, muscular body shape we all covet. Don't be fooled, be realistic when spending money on supplements. You might spend hundreds of dollars on supplements for little or no return. If you are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals now, don't throw good money after bad. Fix the problem and then build on a solid foundation. Most North Americans are deficient in certain minerals absolutely necessary for building muscle; minerals that cost very little and that can be purchased at any health food store.

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables

Salmon steak is a high source of protein without "bad" fats
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