Military training

Monitoring U.S. Homeland Security

The Black Arts Society Military Unarmed Combat system is one of the world’s most advanced hand to hand combat systems. Learn how to “fight to survive” with techniques used by elite military personnel.

Whether you are a novice practitioner looking for street-wise self defence or you are a member of an elite government agency, the Black Arts system can work for you.

Peter Ramsden is the chief instructor at the Toronto area (Oakville) Black Arts club. Taught by former instructor to 1RCR, Special Service Force, combat team, Grand Master Gus Michalik.

Club information:
Sheridan College Athletic Centre, Trafalgar Road, Oakville. Thursday evenings, 7.30 p.m. – 9.00 p.m.

Hostage situation
Controlling weapon
Attacking terrorist

Terrorist takeout
Controlling terrorist


Weapon disarm
Controlling the weapon
Close up of weapon disarm
Controlling bad guy
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Peter Ramsden can be contacted at 416 457-7319 or
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