Martial arts training

combat jiu jitsu Black Belt Programme
Learn a streetwise self defence system incorporating the most efficient techniques from Jiu Jitsu, Kempo, military unarmed combat, Hapkido, and Bojuka under the expert guidance of Peter Ramsden, chief instructor.

This programme will work towards attaining a black belt in Jiu Jitsu and Black Arts.

No previous experience required.
Throws and takedowns
Joint locks and striking
Pressure points and weapon disarms

Instructor certified by the Canadian Jiu Jitsu Association and The Black Arts Society.

Limited class size due to the nature and intensity of the programme.
Sheridan College Athletic Center
Monday and Thursday 7:30 - 9:30pm

Call 416 457-7319 for more info.


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Peter explaning the finer points of pain application

Martial Arts
Canadian Jiu Jitsu Association (CJA)
Yodan, (4th degree black belt)
Member CJA Black Belt Grading Board
Former Director Canadian Jiu Jitsu Association
Former Chair, Technical Committee, Canadian Jiu Jitsu Association
Chief instructor, Yanagi Dojo, Oakville, ON.

Black Arts Society
3rd degree black belt
Military Unarmed Combat Instructor
Chief Instructor, Black Arts Society Toronto (Oakville) club.
Police Tactics, close quarter combat and defence tactics.

Specialist level three

Bladed Weapons – Frank Cucci (Navy Seal)
Trankada Kali – Nonoy Gallano (Master)
Tai Strikes, Escrima – Dan Inosanto (Guru)

Peter demonstrating the finer points of pain application
Ground work is an important aspect of any self defense program

Kate showing how a smaller person can defend against a larger opponent successfully

Sean takes down Sensei
Initiating a chi (internal energy) strike
The result

Power can be delivered even from a kneeling position
Using a simplified wrist lock and throw
Peter demonstrates the effectiveness of good technique

Two finger push-ups develop strength for gripping

Students demonstrate a weight bearing throw with Miyamoto Musashi
looking on

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