Fitness Facts

Fitness is 80% mental and 20% physical. You have to be mentally prepared before you undergo any radical changes in lifestyle. Quality of training, nutrition and supplementation is better than quantity. Don’t spend needless hours in the gym with no appreciable results.

Muscles need time for recovery. Yes it is true that some muscles recover faster than others; be kind, give them all a least a day’s rest including abdominals. There is no such thing as spot reduction. Working your abs only won’t give you a six pack. Nutrition and anaerobic work will. No, not aerobic work, anaerobic work.
The fastest way to lose body fat is to weight train and work the anaerobic energy system coupled with sound nutritional advice. Train the aerobic energy system for long duration events and couple this with sport specific activities and exercise programme.

Muscles do not turn to fat when you stop training. Apples do not turn to oranges; they have different cell structures. Likewise, muscle cells cannot turn to fat cells or vice versa for that matter. If you stop training, your muscles will atrophy (or waste away). If you consume the same amount of food as when you were training and then suddenly stop training, the additional calories that are not burned as energy will be stored as body fat.

Also, your metabolism will slow down and become less efficient at burning body fat. Building muscles does not reduce flexibility. Failure to stretch will reduce flexibility. Active stretching before training or events, stretch for range of motion after you are done.

Stretching is a fast, cheap effective way to gain speed. If your body is fighting itself to gain a longer stride, or kick (in the case of martial arts) your performance will suffer.

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