Elite stream athlete Julia Pomeroy executing trapbar dead lifts

Welcome to Ramsden Training

Since 1997 Peter Ramsden has trained and developed elite athletes and high performance individuals that aspire to be the best they can possibly be. Peter has trained individuals for extreme sports like Jiu Jitsu, to world renowned high angle and vertical rescue guru Ivan Kristoff as well as elite soccer and hockey athletes and Olympic trails swimmers.

Peter is now opening the door for individuals to take advantage of his skills for in-home personal training. No matter if you require a personal trainer for strength, weight loss, or specialized training for police and military applications, Ramsden Training will dedicate a program specifically for you and your needs based on sound nutritional advice and scientifically proven weight training and conditioning exercises.

Continuing cutting edge advances in strength training and >nutrition will allow Ramsden Training to lead the way for your next mission whether it is helping to reverse type 2 diabetes or simply to increase functional strength.

Peter is accepting new clients from Orangeville, Shelburne and Fergus.

If you want to change your current fitness level, or change your body shape but don't know how to start, contact Peter at 416 457-7319 or peter@ramsdentraining.com.

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Peter Ramsden can be contacted at 416 457-7319 or peter@ramsdentraining.com
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